Bisshop overview

Bisshop is an belgian IT company created in 1986 by Jacques Bisshot and provides you an 20 years experience's services.

Bisshop is managed by Yves Sermeus since 2012, he is a expert in Automatisation and Industrial Solution.

Masters in Electronic Interface and Microprocessor, Yves must do the better to improve your business and make the power of the IT to your company.

Competences & expertises

Bisshop can provide you expertise in a lot of technologies :

  • ERP
  • Industrial Automation
  • Internet of Things
  • Web solutions
  • Training
  • Photo
  • Coaching
  • Agility
  • ...

Our references

They trusted us and now they are growing and we take care of their IT:

C.B.R. Cimescaut

Revamping loading lines & trucks management
Bisshop provides the revamping of an existing solution to increase an improve productivity in CBR group.
The solution can manage the Truck flow and loading flow.

Development and maintenance of two Real estate management Tools.
Belgium & Luxembourg : management of buildings
Shape : management of working orders

For Belgium, development of a web site which is providing information to customers.

Tyremasters Braine-Pneus Corbais-Pneus

BCZoft - ERP Solution
Braine-Pneus, Corbais-Pneus and Tyremasters (group Passion Pneus) call the services of Bisshop for the creation of its storage management.
In addition, the manager asked Bisshop to develop a commercial website and an online reservation maker.

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